Range Rover Westminster- Is this the best version to buy?

Shivaum Punjabi test drives the Range Rover Westminster to understand why it’s the best Range Rover to buy.

Gone are the days where the lifespan of a car would be twenty years or so. In today’s day and age, the product lifecycle is roughly around five to six years, but for the Range Rover, it has been around nine years, and we expect a new one anytime now. During these nine years, it has seen one facelift. It has also enjoyed immense popularity in terms of sales, especially with celebrities, athletes, heads of state, actors, etc. It was “THE” car to get if you had a point to make. And what a point it makes. I test the 2021 Range Rover Westminister to find out what makes it so unique.

It looks the same.

Visually you would not know the difference between the Westminister and other trim levels. There is one badge at the back that says Westminister that’s about it. Having only one facelift, the Range Rover still looks fresh, modern and relevant as ever. Even when compared to its competitors, it

On the road, it commands a lot of presence. Cars move out of your way when they see the Range. Valet parking attendants rush to your door to open it. Just everyone becomes more accomodating and polite towards you. As if you were royalty or something. It makes you feel good, and that always is a good thing.

What the Westminister pack gets externally is more bang for your buck. Optional extras such as the retractable side steps, 20 and 21-inch rims, panoramic roof are now standard.

It looks right in every situation, every time, all the time. If it can do that, then Land Rover did the correct thing by not messing with the recipe.

Is it the same from the inside as well?

The interiors are the highlight of this car. Even here, Range Rover has taken the best of everything and offered it as one trim level. There is sumptuous Windsor leather everywhere. 19 speaker Meridian sound system, 20-way adjustable seats, the full-blown infotainment package with massage seats, heated and cooled seats. Automatic, fully retractable rear seats, etc.

The driving position is probably the best ever. You sit high up in a commanding position with excellent visibility all around. The seats are incredibly comfortable. You could be forgiven for sitting in your car all day long instead of your home or office. Passengers feel the same as well. No wonder people loved to be chauffeured around in the Range Rover. It can comfortably seat five adults as well.

The build quality is excellent and feels appropriately premium. You have the choices of materials available to customize the car as per your wishes.

My only complaint is the outdated infotainment which I am sure will be replaced soon. Also, the ergonomics of how all the buttons and switchgear work on the centre console. I am sure this can be thought out in the next car. Still not a deal-breaker.

How does it drive?

Excellently. This one word will sum up the drive experience. It is comfortable, cosy and refined. The car I am driving is the P400 that means it has an inline six-cylinder engine with a mild hybrid system. This engine is turbocharged and supercharged. It puts out 400HP mated to an 8-speed ZF gearbox. The power delivery is smooth, refined and linear. It has all the power you need for your daily driving duties, but it does not like to be rushed. It is more of a cruiser than a bruiser, which is the way it should be. There is a bit of body roll and lean-in around bends, but that is expected with such a tall car and high seating position.

The entire cabin is tranquil, with excellent NVH materials used. You will love listening to your music over the excellent Meridian speakers. It soaks in pretty much everything that the road surface can throw at it. Plus, it is the flagship Range Rover; it has a ton of off-road features and capability. All of that can be used and harnessed by the multiple drive modes via the centre console, making off-roading easy for everyone. No wonder heads of state love getting the Range Rover as their choice in an armoured vehicle. Did you know that LR offers the Range Rover in a Sentinel spec which is basically the car with ballistic protection, armour plating, etc, which all can be customized as per requirments.

Depending on which part of the world you are in, you can get the Range Rover in multiple engine options, including a diesel and plug-in hybrid.

Should I buy it?

The Westminister badge means that the Range Rover is at the end of its product lifecycle. Should you buy it? Yes, you should! Why? Well, because by now, Land Rover has pretty much figured out all the things that can go wrong with the car, so in case something does (touch wood, it does not), Land Rover knows precisely how to fix it for you. Plus, with the Westminister trim, you have the best of everything the Range Rover has to offer, all rolled into one at a better price point, making the choice easy for you. The price of the vehicle I tested is AED 548,000/USD 150,000.

Text and images supplied by Shivaum Punjabi.

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