Celebrating Emirati Women’s Day 2022 at Qasr Al Watan

More than 100 senior Emirati women share the journey of the UAE’s past and future at Qasr Al Watan

In line with Emirati Women’s Day and in collaboration with the Family Development Foundation, General Women’s Union and Emirates Heritage Club, Qasr Al Watan welcomed senior Emirati women on August 23rd for a journey through the UAE’s heritage, legacy and future.

Emirati women have always played an integral role in the UAE’s journey to success. On their special day, Qasr Al Watan sought to extend a gesture of appreciation to the Emirati women who have trailblazed the way for the generations of today and beyond, by showing them a glimpse of the legacy they took part in building and offering them a tour into the history, traditions and inspiring national journey of the UAE.

The tour took the Palace’s special visitors on an enriching journey into the vast collection of cultural artefacts, art and rare manuscripts that it houses. They were able to look into the UAE’s system of governance and the nation’s founding fathers through the Palace’s exhibits and had exclusive access to rooms that were once reserved for foreign dignitaries, in addition to rooms designed for meetings where the future of the nation is being made.

The tour also gave them a deeper understanding of Qasr Al Watan’s artistry, as they observed how traditional Arabian art and Islamic geometrical patterns have been infused as an integral aspect of the Palace’s design.

At the end of the visit, an Arabic calligrapher designed personalized cards for the ladies with their names written to commemorate their day at the Palace.

The exquisite experience at Qasr Al Watan is truly unlike any other, for visitors of all ages to explore time and time again. With its architectural marvels, artistic wonders and historical legacy, one visit to Qasr Al Watan is never quite enough. To plan your visit to the Palace and view the paintings on display please visit the website: www.QasrAlWatan.ae .

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