The Street-Legal GO-KART That Costs $70K

It’s beautiful, it’s raw, and it’s limited…

When Anthony Jannarelly moved to Dubai to head the design department of W Motors, little did he know that a few years down the line he would be designing and building a car that had his name on it.

Anthony has designed the iconic W Motors Fenyr and Lykan Hypersport. Two of the most iconic cars of our generation and super rare. He met Frederic Juillot, who is an expert of various composite materials such as fiberglass & carbon fiber.

The Jannarelly Design-1 started as a personal project where Anthony was playing with the idea of a retro-futuristic sports car. Now, what do you mean by retro-futuristic? Anthony & Fred wanted to create a distinctive silhouette of a sports car that is instinctively recognizable for what it is. Inspired by sports cars from the ’60s and constructed with modern materials, they came up with the ideal limited edition sports car which is not a kit car.

What is so Unique about it

What is unique about the Design-1 is that it can be completely customized.

What do you mean by customized you will now ask. Well with unlimited paint options to customized leather. They can even design custom carbon fiber parts for the car.

You can add A/C and stereo, and with three types of body options, you will be wondering which one looks better. You can choose body styles such as coupe, roadster, and aero. Even the body material has two options. Depending on the budget, you can choose between carbon fiber or fiberglass. The entire car is handmade on a bespoke steel chassis. If you are in India or the UK then the car can even be made as a RHD version. That is some serious decision making!

How does it Drive

The Design-1 comes with a short throw manual shifter which takes some getting used to. Once you get the hang of it, you are in for a treat.

You are sitting down and low in this car. The car has a short wheelbase and you are seated almost over the rear axle. It is a very lively car and fast car. With power going to the rear wheels, you always have to pay attention as to what you are doing. All the inputs have to be measured and thought through. It is truly a rewarding experience to drive the Design-1. You are thoroughly involved in what the car is doing and capable of doing. It is a street legal sexy looking go-kart this one.

With all other automakers cutting you out from the driving experience, the Jannarelly Design-1 does the opposite to that. It reconnects you with the act of driving. The experience is entirely raw and visceral. If you are going to push this car, you better give it all your attention. It is one of the few cars that provide you with automotive nirvana. Oh! It sounds FANTASTIC! That V6 makes all the right sounds!

Do they accept Credit Cards?

You are thinking this is going to be expensive. Well, not that much. With prices starting at $70,000 and going upwards depending on how you spec it you are paying Porsche Boxster/Cayman money. Also, Jannarelly expects the Design-1 to appreciate with time since it is a limited production car.

How do I Service / Repair It?

Since it has a Nissan sourced V6 from the 350Z, it is easy to take care of with spares available worldwide easily. Also, they have distributors in various parts of the world, including USA, Europe, UAE, Kuwait.

Thanks to the Dubai Autodrome to let us photograph the car in their location.

Text and pictures courtesy of Shivaum Punjabi and The Cornea Impression

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