The ANTA KT8 is here, and it is every hooper’s dream

The details are definitely what makes this collection unique and you’re going to want your own pair just to look out for all the Easter eggs that are incorporated so creatively into the design

Designed by Duane Lawrence, the much-awaited performance and detail driven KT8 is heavily influenced by Golden State Warrior, Klay Thompson himself.

The details are definitely what makes this collection unique, and you’re going to want your own pair just to look out for all the Easter eggs that Lawrence incorporated so creatively into the design.

One of the details in the KT8 can be found on the heels. The left heel reads 1987/1988, representing the year Klay’s dad won back-to-back NBA Championships.

Similarly, the right heel reads 2017/2018, the years that Klay himself went back-to-back too. The only father son duo to have done that. Another detail on the shoe that is unique to Klay, is the dots on the toes of the shoes. The dots represent Klay’s shooting percentage and the locations where he takes the most shots from.

The words “Golden Silence,” located on the right pull tab, is a reference to Thompson’s recovery from his ACL injury, while “Onward Together” on the left pull tab highlights the Bahamanian coat of arms, an ode to Klay’s lineage.
These are just some of the highlighted features found within the design of the shoe that make the design so uniquely Klay. But of course, there is more to the shoe than what meets the eye.

The KT8 is ANTA’s first basketball shoe that has an adjustable ankle collar. With this, anyone can choose whether to go with a high or low look. Additionally, it incorporates 3D Flow, a 3-axis integration that provides players with multi-directional stability.

The shoe’s X-axis provides lateral containment and torsion control. The Y-axis helps with forward propulsion and lift off. Finally, the Z-axis is designed for cushioning, shock absorption, and energy return. It also features Smart S.A.M and Nitroedge technology that provides shock absorption and cushioning respectively.

The KT8 is more functional and stable than its previous instalments, with an 18% reduction in weight, 82.6% rebound rate, and 57.5% durability rate.

The KT8 truly incorporates design and function, perfect for a player who is strong on both style and performance. The 2 initial colourways (“Golden Silence” and “Like father-Like Son”) drop on 23rd December, 2022 in the United Arab Emirates. You can find these exclusively at ANTA store in Dubai Hills Mall & Al Quoz and Sneaker District, Abu Dhabi.

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