Rosewood Hotel launches their Summer Immerse Experiences

Expertly curated activities ranging from outdoor adventure to culinary discoveries make Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi one of the top destinations for summer 2022 travel.

Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi is pleased to introduce a selection of new offerings and experiences as part of the Rosewood brand-wide Summer Immerse programming. As part of this new initiative, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts around the world are introducing a collection of activities and adventures designed to help guests awaken their senses, broaden their horizons, and go deeper into the destinations around the world.

At the forefront of current trends in luxury travel, Rosewood’s Summer Immerse experiences have been thoughtfully created for those who are eager to hit the road as the world enters a new era of exploration. Ranging from culinary journeys to active adventures, these immersive experiences capture the essence of summer in Abu Dhabi, giving guests the opportunity to connect and discover new passions and experiences.

Carefully curated to immerse guests in the unique spirit and natural beauty of the UAE, Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi’s bespoke activities fall under distinctive pillars, including the bespoke ‘Beverage Series’. Based on the Summer Immersive pillar of ‘Flavour’, each experience in the Beverage Series featuring beverages infused with in-season and variety of herbs, flowers and spices.

Roland Duerr, Managing Director of Rosewood Abu Dhabi, said: “I am extremely excited to introduce Abu Dhabi residents and visitors to our exciting and uplifting Summer Immerse campaign. This year, we have decided to focus on all the incredible beverage journeys that we have within our property, and our expert sommeliers and mixologists have created three unique and unforgettable experiences that I’m sure every one of our guests will love. As well as providing the perfect way to learn new skills and gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of beverages and misology, they are also really engaging and enjoyable sessions that are guaranteed to be full of special and memorable moments. From the finest grapes to homemade infusions set against spectacular sunsets over the sparkling Arabian Gulf and in unique spaces, all kinds of enrapturing surprises await guests at the Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi this season.”

Each of Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi’s Summer Immerse activities consists of both on-and-off-property options, giving guests the flexibility to add something extra to any length of stay, whether that be a long summer sojourn or a quick weekend getaway. The Summer Immerse journeys dive beneath the surface to go beyond typical summer activities and well-known destination offerings, and instead offer guests the opportunities to truly get lost in their surroundings— exploring local culture through the specific lens of each pillar.

Available from today through September 6, the available activities at Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi include the Art of Mixology, Grape Appreciation and Gin Infusions, with each signature experience based on the pillar of Immerse in Flavor. Meanwhile, guests can also look forward to further exciting summer programs being rolled out throughout the Summer Immerse campaign, with interactive and unique experiences from the pillars of Wellness and Culture planned for the near future.

The unique Summer Immerse offerings from Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi are featured alongside experiences from 28 additional Rosewood properties located worldwide across some of the best luxury vacation destinations. To view the complete list of Summer Immerse experiences, please visit

The Art of Mixology at Dragon’s Tooth

Tucked away inside award-winning Chinese restaurant Dai Pai Dong, Dragon’s Tooth is the capital’s most intriguing and enchanting hidden gem. Proud to be the only speakeasy bar in the city, it oozes style and class whilst boasting an extensive menu of creative and bespoke mixes that are truly one of a kind.

Inviting guests to ‘taste, stir and shake’ their way through an immersive journey in ‘The Art of Mixology’, Dragon Tooth’s curated signature experience encourages beverage connoisseurs to step into the shoes of a bartender and learn how to make two of their favorite delicious and refreshing cocktails of choice. Guided by the venue’s own expert master mixologist, participants are empowered to get creative and concoct their own blend that perfectly suits their particular tastes and preferences.

With an extensive array of world-renowned beverages, botanical mixes and fresh herbs and fruits all available to experiment with, the experience is further enhanced with platters of Dai Pai Dong’s tasty and much-loved dim sum variations.

Ideal for groups of up to six participants, the 60-minute journey combines fun, gaining new skills and fabulous cuisine and beverages.

Bookings for the ‘The Art of Mixology’ Signature Experience must be made 24 hours in advance, with packages starting from AED 350 per person. For bookings, please contact Rosewood Abu Dhabi at [email protected] or call +971 (0)2 813 5550.

Wine Appreciation at La Cava

Those with a passion for grapes are invited to ‘swirl, sniff and sip’ to boost their knowledge and gain a greater understanding about how to taste, appreciate and recognize superb quality grapes with the ‘Wine Appreciation’ journey at La Cava.

Elegant and sophisticated, La Cava instantly transports every guest over to a historical and traditional wine cellar, with rustic stone walls and comfortable plush armchairs creating a sense of rustic charm and authenticity.

Guests are invited to take themselves ‘From the Old World to the New World’ and choose the region and particular variety to visit. From here they can start to fill out their own personal ‘Wine Passport’, using tasting notes and tips provided by the expert sommelier.

Making the exceptional selection of red, white and rose grapes even more enjoyable to savour, all of the beverages come perfectly paired with platters of delicious cold cuts and artisan wide selection of cheeses. Not only that, but the experience can also be ended on a fun note with an interactive test that lets guests put their new knowledge and skills to the test.

The 60-minute ‘Wine Appreciation’ Signature Experience is available for groups of up to 12 participants. Prices start from AED 350 and 24-hour advanced booking is required. For bookings, please contact Rosewood Abu Dhabi at [email protected] or call +971 (0)2 813 5550.

Gin Infusions at Hidden Bar

The ‘Gin Infusions’ Signature Experience invites guests to develop their tasting notes with an immersive one-hour journey at the city’s largest gin library.

Hidden Bar is proud to boast over 200 homemade botanical infusions and ten different tonics, and this bespoke tasting class invites guests to relish in the most fabulous flavours and variations of all. Spanning everything from international root gin to pink gin and gin made with fresh sloe berries, participants will learn to define their taste buds and recognize each different and uplifting blend.

Home to a chic and edgy bar area, plus a beautiful open terrace with panoramic views of the Al Maryah Island waters and city skyline, Hidden Bar provides the perfect bonding experience for friends and colleagues.

The 60-minute ‘Gin Infusions’ Signature Experience is available for groups of up to 12 participants. Prices start from AED 350 and 24-hour advanced booking is required. For bookings, please contact Rosewood Abu Dhabi at [email protected] or call +971 (0)2 813 5550.

For bookings, please contact Rosewood Abu Dhabi at [email protected] or call +971 (0)2 813 5550. More details on the experiences is available here: with a calendar of activities here

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