Al Qana goes local: New collaboration with local entrepreneurs to create a new coffee culture

Al Qana partners with Joud Café, Cartel Coffee Roasters, Notorious Café, and Space Café to support the local coffee culture in the region.

Al Qana, the vibrant waterfront social dining and entertainment destination in Abu Dhabi, today reveals an exciting ‘sneak ‘peek’ of its collaboration with up-and-coming coffee entrepreneurs, Cartel Coffee Roasters, Joud Café, Notorious Café and Space Café. These fresh additions to the Abu Dhabi landscape are set to become creative and cultural epicenters for Al Qana, uniting visitors with their universal love of the humble coffee bean and the caffeinated beverage.

Each of the four home-grown concept cafés has been carefully selected to showcase the latest in coffee culture; a global movement that is currently focused on fair trade, sustainability, and ingenious brewing techniques. Each outlet will put a unique twist on emergent coffee trends through its menu, design and service culture, offering an important sense of community to Al Qana and all who visit, whether the freelance worker, the stay-at-home mum or the family on a day out. 

This announcement follows Al Qana’s recent introduction of ‘Grandiose’, a new, interactive gourmet dining concept and food hall. Positioned as a social dining and entertainment destination, the F&B offering at Al Qana is a critical part of the project aimed at delighting guests and delivering thrilling experiences. These launches also come at a time when restrictions continue to further ease in Abu Dhabi due to the capital’s high vaccination rate and the development’s near completion.

Stuart Gissing, General Manager at Al Qana said: “Whilst Joud Café, Cartel Coffee Roasters, Space Café and Notorious Café each offer their own distinct concept, they all share a commitment to providing guests with wholesome fresh, and innovative menus. This was critical for us, even more so now that interest in responsible and healthier eating options is growing.

“As a holistic lifestyle center, Al Qana provides consumers with a place to find inspiration, education, and entertainment. The coffee culture that these exceptional concepts bring will resonate with our guests who want to discover and experience flavors whilst remaining aware of the environment and in keeping with overall health and lifestyle goals.”

Keshar Pacchai, Area Manager at Joud Café: “Our partnership with Al Qana is part of our strategy to expand the Joud Cafe brand into key leisure and tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi. We are thrilled to be a part of Al Qana’s expanding culinary offering and we look forward to serving our customers the finest selection of specialty locally-roasted coffee, a full-service dining menu including our signature breakfast dishes, as well as a diverse selection of sweets and pastries at Al Qana soon.”

Nasser AlMaskari, Founder at Cartel Coffee Roasters: “Being Abu Dhabi’s leading specialty coffee roaster, we are delighted to open our new flagship store at Al Qana, a new prestigious culinary destination in the capital. Our new concept mirrors Al Qana’s aspiration to create social entertainment and human connections through uplifting experiences as Abu Dhabi’s go-to urban dining destination. We would like to thank Al Qana for their commitment to supporting local entrepreneurs & are excited to showcase a coffee experience unparalleled in the UAE.”

Abdulla Alhesbi, General Manager at Space Café: “Building on the success of our first store opening in Ras Al Khaimah two years ago, we are taking great pride in expanding our local brand in the capital, in one of the most sought-after locations. Al Qana is the ideal location for our guests to find their perfect space where they can enjoy their time over a variety of food and beverages in a unique friendly ambiance.”

Samer Mashal, Founder of Notorious Café said: “ We are very excited to begin our journey in Abu Dhabi. We believe that Al Qana’s vison, dynamic offerings and waterfront location makes it the perfect spot to introduce our dramatic, wild, and unconventional brand to the world. The Notorious Cafe has been conceived as a retro-styled brand inspired by New York City in the 1960s. It was essential for us to create a unique and unforgettable experience for our customers, to inspire them with our coffee brewers and live roasters, all of which are sourced directly from farmers and roasted in-house and retail offerings.”

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