Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi – Football Festival & World Cup Competitions – Review

Stock Burger Co is home to one of the finest Football festivals in town, and now they have the best competitions as well

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup in full swing, everyone seems to be trying to outdo the rest with their fan zones, football festivals and more.

After a frenzied week trying the different options across town we believe we have found the ideal one for you, so you can head on over daily, relax and watch the game, and it’s the Football Festival happening at Stock Burger Co at the Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

The Venue

Sitting just off the hotel lobby to the left is Stock Burger Co, home of gourmet burgers, melt in your mouth steaks and craft beverages to die for. It’s huge indoor space and the super cool outdoor patio just behind make for the ideal football viewing venue.

The huge TV inside shows the games in English and those who like the outdoors can sit on comfy loungers and watch the game in Arabic, enjoying a nice shesha while they work their way through the specially created football menu featuring cocktails from countries that are playing.

We reached around 7.30 PM and the place was almost packed, we had a table waiting for us on the patio where we were soon seated, and the drink orders were placed while we decided what to eat.

The Food

The Football Festival has its own dedicates menu and a whole list of cocktails created along the lines of the favourite drinks from the paying countries, a very cool touch. There are two starters on the menu, and ordering one of each set the ball rolling for the evening.

The Japanese shrimp, a staple here has to be the best thing to eat while watching a game, plump gulf shrimp lightly battered tossed in a chilli aioli topped with spring onions, perfectly cooked, simply a delight.

The English mac n cheese balls are a similar situation, crispy creamy and crunchy balls of mac n cheese gone in under 60 seconds.

We paired with starters with what definitely is the most flamboyant cocktail available, the Michelada Mexican a spicy tomato juice drink with tequila and s bottle of Corona just dunked in upside down just for the fun of it, just crazy. The other drink was a rather sane, by comparison, a classic Caprinha and both were absolutely amazing and refreshing.

There were four mains on the menu for the evening, which changes every day, and we did our best to try them all but couldn’t move past the third one before calling it a night.

The Brazilian Nachos are just that, a huge messy tower of corn tortilla discs oozing cheese and beef all over, the spicy chipotle flavoured salsa adding its heat which was tempered by the cool guacamole, a meal in itself.

The American buffalo chicken sandwich is another over the top dish, crispy fried chicken in their signature buffalo sauce topped with bacon, smothered with cheddar cheese in between two slices of freshly baked sourdough bread with fries on the side, just the thought of this is making the mouth salivate, stunning.

The best is always the last, and it’s the Argentinian Jawbreaker Burger, a huge stack of beef patty and BBQ beef brisket topped with cheddar cheese, lashings of burger sauce garnished with pickles and served with huge onion rings, a sight to behold and taste unlike any we have ever had.

The portions are huge, almost like a meal for two in each dish, and try as we might, we simply couldn’t make space for the German footing hot dog that was the fourth main on the menu, so we shared a dessert, a Belgian Chocolaty Toast which was a delight to eat and called it a night.

The Activities

The team has thought of everything and during break times guests can take part in the funny World Cup games, such as “Football Juggling”,  “Selfie Competition” or“Guess The Score”. The lucky winners have a chance to get special prizes from the Stock Burger Co. team: free drinks, free burgers or even a free stay at Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi hotel for 2 people. Great discounts up to 50% and loyal prices will elevate your entire experience.

The Verdict

As mentioned earlier the Football Festival is the place we will be happily visiting again and again to watch the games this season, the amazing food, excellent drinks and the fantastic outdoor seating make it an extra special venue. Its ease of access from any part of Abu Dhabi with ample parking on site make it a winner, the ever-changing menu means there is something new in store each night making it an irresistible choice.

The Details

Located in the Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi situated on 31st Street, Stock Burger Co can be reached on

+971-2-6574888(4864) and is open daily from noon to 2.00 AM.

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