Introducing De L’Arta – The UAE’s First Science-based Homegrown Personal Care Brand

The One-of-A-Kind Brand Unearthing the UAE’s Natural Resources and cultivating them into a result-driven Personal care range.

It’s no secret that skincare and sustainability have been two of the hottest topics over the last couple of years, with individuals increasingly showing interest in eco-conscious beauty options that are kinder to skin and the environment. While the UAE market is saturated with brands from all around the globe, there is nothing quite like supporting a local business that puts innovation, utilizing local resources and sustainability at the forefront of its ethos. Introducing De L’Arta – The first Emirati personal care brand, made with innovative, all-natural formulations using native flora. The home-grown concept is exclusively produced and manufactured in the UAE to make you feel special as ever.

The sustainable start-up is born and bred in Abu Dhabi and currently operating out of Masdar City under the support of the Catalyst, a tech accelerator that has been founded from a partnership of Masdar and British Petroleum. De L’Arta’s long-term vision is to become a globally recognizable brand that represents the UAE’s economic diversification and innovative approach to maximizing the use of local resources.

Founded by Dr. Lina F. Yousef, Sarah F. Yousef and Saeed Al Khoori, who share a simple belief and passion for kind to the earth – good for the people science in everything they do. De L’Arta’s foundation is based on many years of research and development to unearth the power of the UAE’s natural resources and cultivate it into an innovative and result-driven range that cuts back on climate change and reverses the damage to our environment. De L’Arta aims to explore and preserve resources that sustain our planet for future generations.

Lina and Saeed, met each other at the former Masdar Institute of Technology where they found their mutual curiosity for the native plants that grow in abundance on UAE soil. Through their curiosities, they conducted in-depth research to try and understand these plants and their ability to grow in such hot, dry climate and salty soils. Lina and Saeed filed for a patent for their research through Khalifa University and now have the exclusive use of several native plants in personal care. From lab to market, they launched the first collection of skincare using one of the plants from the patent, Tetraena qatarense – a desert plant native to the UAE with an extraordinary ability to survive the harshest of environment. The [Tq] plant is rich in antioxidants and has rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. It also provides deep hydration and protects from premature ageing.

The first collection from De L’Arta is called [Tq] is named after Tetraena qatarense and the range includes:

Face Cream – From the Driest Landscapes for the Softest Skin (AED 145)

Formulated with nature’s best ingredients, this moisturiser uses Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & [Tq] to boost the skin’s regenerative properties with the ability to combat the effects of environmental toxins. Infused with shea butter, almond, argan and geranium oil, your skin will look visibly younger and feel noticeably softer with continual use of it.

[Tq] Face Wash – Facing-up to Your Skin with Clarity (AED 130)

A gentle face wash that banishes impurities whilst protecting the skins natural moisture barrier, this Face Wash is inspired by [Tq]’s naturally clarifying and hydrating abilities. Infused with geranium essential oils to leave your skin naturally fragranced, invigorated and clean.

[Tq] Face Mask – Unmasking the You that Nature Intended (AED 155)

Working with [Tq]’s natural defense mechanism and antioxidant rich properties, together with Almond, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter; this Face Mask naturally protects your skin against external pollutants, whilst leaving it smooth-to-the-touch and smelling great.

Along with the innovative skincare, De L’Arta is also partnering with RECAPP. RECAPP is the first mobile application in Abu Dhabi that provides free door-to-door recyclables collection, empowers each individual in their recycling journey by offering an easy and efficient way to schedule pick-ups for recyclable material such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

De L’Arta hopes that with their partnership with RECAPP, they can inspire customers to recycle their own packaging while also rewarding responsible behaviour.

De L’Arta’s skincare range is available for purchase online on For more information about De L’Arta and to keep up to date with their latest news addition, follow @de_larta on Instagram.

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