There is a New Splurge in Town

Otoro Crystal Toast, is the new 99 delicacy at 99 Sushi in Abu Dhabi.

A month ago, Pedro and Fernando De Leon, the founders of 99 Sushi came to visit from Spain. They were enjoying dinner with Jaime Castaneda, who runs the show for them in the UAE, and suddenly had a craving from something new, something exhilarating and… an absolute splurge.

This is how 99’s decadent “Otoro Crystal Toast” became an overnight creation, dreamed by the three captains of the brand and their friendly Chef, Ruben Guerrero. The sensational dish is not on the menu, but has already made a reputation for itself amongst people who appreciate the finer things in life… Obviously, if you consider the noble ingredients that come into its making.

Take a rustic Spanish crystal baguette, smother it with a special smoked virgin olive oil, top it with 100g of 99’s signature fatty tuna tartare, then add 75g of pure iodine with Uni, the Japanese sea urchin from Hokkaido and, for the grand finale, a generous 30g layer of delicate Kaluga caviar. There you have it: gastronomic ecstasy in one bite!

“Consequentially, the dish is priced AED1200, given the outstanding luxury of the ingredients”, explains Jaime Castaneda, unapologetic. “It is split in 4 portions, easy to share. One toast with a beautiful glass of wine, and you are basically set for the night!”

99 Sushi Restaurant & Bar is located at the Four Seasons Hotel, The Galleria Al Maryah Island – Abu Dhabi
Bookings: +971 2 672

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