Made in Abu Dhabi Campaign launched in the UAE

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has launched the Made in Abu Dhabi campaign to promote homemade products.

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has launched the “Made in Abu Dhabi” campaign to promote national products manufactured in Abu Dhabi emirate in order to enhance their competitiveness and encourage consumers to ‘buy local’. In addition, it will incentivize manufacturers to display the approved campaign logo on their products.

In order to communicate the campaign with manufacturers, ADDED organised a virtual workshop, during which a number of sales outlet representatives in Abu Dhabi and manufacturers who own industrial establishments in Abu Dhabi, participated.

They also gave a presentation on how to use and apply the ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ campaign logo, whose design was inspired by the new ‘Sheikh Zayed’ font – an Arabic font inspired by the handwriting of the founding father.

Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of ADDED, said: “The campaign provides all manufacturers in Abu Dhabi with the opportunity to display their products on the official page of ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ on Instagram.

He also highlighted ADDED’s interest in supporting national manufacturers and encouraging them to expand their businesses and investments.

Al Shorafa added that the ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ initiative aims to promote national products under a unified brand.

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