Yas Bay Waterfront is your watering hole of choice this World Cocktail Day

Grab your pals and head down to the promenade for a selection of beverages garnished with an olive or a twist

Yas Bay Waterfront, Abu Dhabi’s vibrant day-to-night destination, is the perfect locale to celebrate World Cocktail Day, especially since May 13 falls on a weekend. From world class dining hotspots to swanky lounges and casual cafés, there’s no shortage of options on offer at Yas Bay Waterfront for your Saturday sips.

The Lighthouse

At The Lighthouse, if you can handle the heat, start with the Three Amigos for AED55, and delight in their signature cocktail blended with mandarin puree, agave and a dash of hot sauce.  For a milder option, try the tropical passionfruit drink with freshly squeezed ginger, guaranteed to transport you to a tropical island for just AED60. Or, at AED60 the Sunset Spritz is the perfect excuse for you to watch the glorious sunset with your pals as you delight in The Lighthouse’s take on the classic Italian aperitivo, which includes a sphere of iced orange topped with bubbles.

For reservations, please call 02 236 7831

Zeera by The Trilogy

Stop by Zeera by The Trilogy to try the Mumbai Mule, inspired by India’s largest city, Mumbai for AED65. Zeera’s rendition of the classic drink contains mango, mint, lime juice and ginger, and is the perfect refreshing drink to try this World Cocktail Day.

For reservations, please call 050 601 1193

Bushra by The Trilogy

Transport yourself to the bustling streets of a Moroccan market while sampling the signature cocktail, Souq at Bushra by The Trilogy for AED65.A unique blend of lime, coconut milk, clarified tropical fruits, spice and jasmine tea – this is plant-based beverage shouldn’t be missed!

For reservations, please call 050 601 1195

Siddharta Lounge by The Trilogy

While at Siddharta Lounge by The Trilogy, try the Coco Pandan. Served in a highball glass, this specialty beverage is created using pandan leaf specially filtered and mixed with flavors of coconut.For just AED72, you will be transported to an island paradise.

For reservations, please call 050 601 1194

Café Del Mar

Guests are spoilt for choice at Café Del Mar. For just AED70, start with the Café Del Martini, with pineapple juice, cardamom seed, basil leaves and lime juice. Or try the Sakuri with coconut cream, pineapple and syrup. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Essence of Dessert with fresh grapefruit juice, lemon juice topped with orange blossom soda should be at the top of your list.

For reservations, please call 050 402 2283

Hunter & Barrel

Follow in Game of Thrones actress Emma D’Arcy’s footsteps and hop on the Negroni craze this World Cocktail Day. Stop by Hunter & Barrel to sample one for AED 58 – accents optional. Other refreshing beverages include a classic G&T with citrus cordial, bitters and saline for AED 58. If sour notes are more your taste, try the Hunter & Barrel take with lemon juice, sugar and egg white for just AED 53. While you’re there, savour culinary delights from the extensive menu of steak, complete with trimmings. Stunning.

For reservations, please call 02 886 8299

La Carnita

Next, stop by La Carnita for beverages inspired by sunny Mexico. Try Rosita, a refreshing and smoky drink with pinkish hues for AED 75, or if you’re feeling adventurous, sample the banana cordial, with cinnamon, lime juice amongst others for just AED70. When life throws you lemons, catch them.

For reservations, please call 050 185 8068


Ever tried a bespoke beverage infused with perfume? There’s no time like the present. Stop by Cannes-inspired hotspot Paradiso for a selection of three beverages infused with fragrances grown in the French Riviera. Choose from the grand dame, with bitters and verbena for AED60 or the safran mule with saffron-infused ginger beer and geranium rosat perfume for AED55. Or, opt for the classic Paradiso with tonic water scented with bergamot basilic anis for AED 55. You’ll never settle for boring old drinks again at your neighbourhood watering hole again.

For reservations, please call ‎050 437 2869

Akiba Dori

Inspired by the neon-lit streets of Tokyo, Akiba Dori offers guests three creative beverages for just AED55 to try on World Cocktail Day. Select from A Picnic in Nagoya, with fresh pink grapefruit and thyme, the refreshing T10, with lemon zest and fizzy tonic or the classic Biru Spritz topped with 7UP.

For reservations, please call 04 770 7949

Stay tuned for exciting events coming to Yas Bay Waterfront and Etihad Arena this May, including Monster Jam taking place from May 12-14. Alternatively, get ready to spot Bollywood celebrities during IIFA weekend during May 26-27, guaranteeing an exciting time at Yas Bay Waterfront.

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