Ultimate Wagyu Day Celebrations at Smoki Moto, West Palm Beach

In celebration of Wagyu Day that takes place on 21st June, Smoki Moto is inviting guests to indulge in a culinary experience like no other from 17th – 23rd June offering an exclusive chef’s butcher box featuring only premium cuts of Wagyu meats. 

Renowned for its innovative approach to Korean cuisine, Smoki Moto promises an unforgettable celebration of Wagyu that include wagyu striploin, wagyu chuck eye roll, wagyu flank, marinated wagyu patties and more.

What: Wagyu Day Celebration at Smoki Moto

When: 17th – 23nd June

Where: Smoki Moto Restaurant, West Palm Beach

Smoki Moto presents an array of Wagyu-inspired delights from expertly crafted Wagyu cuts to succulent Wagyu tteok galbi (Galbi marinated Wagyu patties), each dish showcases the unparalleled quality and flavour of this premium beef.

During dinner, guests will have the opportunity to witness live cooking demonstrations by Smoki Moto’s talented Korean chefs, who will share their expertise and insights into the art of preparing Wagyu beef to perfection. From grading to marbling, discover the secrets behind achieving the melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich umami flavour that define Wagyu beef.

For reservations, please email  [email protected]

or call +971 4 666 1430 (31).

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