Sharjah Light Festival 2022

Three Architectural Landmarks to be the Backdrop for Shows Shedding Light on the Emirate’s Accomplishments and Future

Al Majaz Waterfront, the Holy Quran Academy, and Sharjah University City Hall are three of the architectural landmarks selected as the backdrop for artistic light shows as Sharjah Light Festival 2022 continues to dazzle visitors with displays illuminating the emirate’s attractions, shedding light on its history and authentic Islamic architectural heritage, and showcasing Sharjah’s aspirations for the future.

With light shows scheduled to continue across the emirate until February 20, sites included in the Festival will be welcoming visitors from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm on weekdays and until midnight on weekends.

Al Majaz Waterfront will play host to a show titled the ‘SLF Gallery’, which will take centre stage and display advanced light show technologies, drawing the audience to view the individual light panels, and allowing them to see the reflections of geometric shapes and twinkling lights on the surface of the Khalid Lagoon. The show aims to highlight the people, places, and achievements that Sharjah and the UAE have made in the past and present, as well as those that will be accomplished in the future.

Meanwhile, the display planned for the Holy Quran Academy is titled ‘The Language of Infinity’ and takes a more narrative tone to both look back at the history of the emirate and forward to the future. The Language of Infinity merges geometry, calligraphy, and arabesque patterns in an homage to Islam; it then moves on to ponder the future of these Islamic patterns. Traditional motifs are subsequently displayed, as though appearing from shifting sands, inviting viewers to interpret the digital constructions and mathematical designs that reflect the architectural aesthetic of the Holy Quran Academy.

Finally, at University City Hall, a show titled ‘The Spiral of Light’ is set to take place, depicting the consecutive stages life in the emirate has gone through, and illustrating the importance of the sea, the library, and the spiral. The Hall epitomises Sharjah’s dedication to education and heritage, making it the ideal venue to tell this story, which portrays the wise vision that has laid the foundation for the past 50 years and the 50 that lie ahead. The ‘present’ portion of the show depicts the emirate’s most notable achievements in education, art, astronomy, construction, communication, and ecology. Enlightenment, family, heritage, and culture will also be on display, highlighted as powerful means to drive achievements over the next 50 years in Sharjah and the UAE.

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