Mangrove Walk – Jubail Mangrove Park in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy a stunning walk thru the Mangrove Forests of Jubail Island and get back in touch with nature

The much anticipated Qurum Walkway thru the Mangrove Forests of Jubail Island is finally open to the public. This amazing wooden walkway lets visitors explore the natural landscape of the mangroves up close.

The huge boardwalk is part of the Mangrove Walk Project, which covers over 1 million square ft of the Mangrove National Park located between Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island and Saadiyat Island.

The walkway is open daily from 8 AM to 6.30 PM daily. It’s free of charge and you get to take a stroll through the mangroves, explore the natural landscape and go wildlife spotting.

Things to Do

As you arrive and park in the ample open area in front you will find the main observation platform and visitor center, here you get uninterrupted views of the park.

The walkway is around 2 KM in total and you have options to do it in one go or you can use the shortcuts if walking is getting too much for you.

There is a floating platform with netting and thru this you can observe the wildlife up close and there are two observation decks spread across the walk.

There are signboards along the walk giving information on the trees and the marine life her, also there are rangers available to assist with any queries.

If you are lucky you will see some stunning birds, there are multiple varieties of marine life with schools of fish and lots of little crabs scurrying around.

There is kids’ activity center and also Kayaking is available on site further adding to the things to do.


There is a Café on site and a Food Truck in the parking but since it’s a nature site food and drink is not encouraged.

Things to keep in mind

This is an ecological site so please be mindful of this, no food or drinks are permitted and the walkway has a limit to the number of people it can accommodate so if the numbers are full there will be a wait time.

As it’s a new attraction and free of charge the visitor numbers are high, entrance to the site is very tight so expect delays in getting in and out.

Parking is on sand so please be careful or your car will get stuck and this could be a nightmare.

When to Visit

The best time to visit is late evenings or when the tide is in, you have to check the tide schedule so you can enjoy the views when the tide is in or you will see just stretches of bare sand.

The Park will be closed for summer but the dates haven’t been announced as yet so keep this in mind.


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