Indulge in Celestial Elixirs at Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi

Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi is proud to introduce a sensational addition to its distinguished offerings – Zodiac-inspired beverages. Nestled within the iconic Guinness World Record-holding leaning tower, the hotel invites guests to embark on a sensorial voyage through the cosmos, where mixology meets astrology.

Inspired by the mesmerizing constellations that adorn the night sky, each Zodiac drink is a masterful blend of premium handpicked ingredients and imaginative flair. Crafted by our expert mixologists, these libations capture the essence of each zodiac sign, delivering a personalized journey through taste and aroma.

From the fiery passion of Aries to the serene depths of Pisces, our expert mixologists have curated a menu that celebrates the diverse personalities and characteristics of the twelve astrological signs. Whether you’re craving bold and adventurous flavors of Leo’s Pride or if you’re a grounded Taurus seeking comfort in familiar flavors, there’s a signature elixir waiting to align perfectly with your celestial spirit.

“At Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi, we are dedicated to offering our guests memorable and immersive experiences,” said Dominik Strobel, General Manager of Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi. “With bespoke Zodiac-inspired sips, we aim to elevate the art of mixology by infusing it with the mystique of astrology. Whether you’re a passionate Scorpio or an adventurous Sagittarius, there’s a drink crafted just for you. Each creation tells a story, inviting guests to explore the depths of their astrological signs while enjoying the finest hospitality Andaz has to offer.”

In addition to its exquisite taste, each Zodiac Cocktail is presented with artistic elegance, ensuring a feast for the senses from the first sip to the last. Whether enjoyed against the backdrop of the stunning skyline views from the iconic 18° incline or within the intimate ambiance of our chic restaurant, this extraordinary experience promises to captivate and delight. Be it a romantic date night under the stars or a gathering with friends, you are in for an evening of celestial indulgence.

Starting May 15, 2024, join us at Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi and unlock the secrets of the cosmos with limited-period bespoke Zodiac-inspired beverages starting at AED 45. Plus, take home a delightful keepsake to cherish the experience.

Don’t miss out on availing your free birthday celestial elixir when you celebrate with us. For reservations or more information, please visit or contact your Andaz hosts at +971 50 765 6435.

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