Villa Toscana at St Regis launches ‘Taste of Lasagna’, this May

The rustic, homely, Tuscan-inspired restaurant is inviting diners to sample a specially curated selection of fabulous pasta creations throughout the month of May.

Pizza, pasta, antipasti, gelato: Italy is widely regarded as having one of the best cuisines in the world. However, connoisseurs of authentic Italian food don’t need to travel all the way to Europe to sample traditional, and expertly crafted, Italian specialties.

This month, the exceptionally talented Chef Rosario at Villa Toscana has curated an exquisite menu that shines a spotlight on one of Italy’s most admired staple dishes, and allows guests to savor flavorsome, quality Italian food in one of the capital’s most award-winning venue.

Exclusively available from May 9 to 29, the ‘Taste of Lasagna’bespoke menu offers a a wonderful combination of creative and specialist variations on the much-loved pasta dish. Mixing classic tastes with more inventive recipes, each fresh, flavour-packed plate feature only high-quality ingredients.

Guests will be able to savor five different styles of homemade lasagna, including traditional Bolognese lasagna; mixed-seafood lasagna featuring a blend of calamari, muscles, prawns and sweet cherry tomato; basil-pesto lasagna with toasted pine nuts; lasagna ‘Senese’ with lamb, sage and roasted pine nuts and last, but certainly not least, lasagna carbonara with eggs and crispy beef bacon.

Designed to feel like a traditional Tuscan home, entering Villa Toscana makes guests immediately feel like they have left Abu Dhabi behind and arrived in the rolling hills of the Italian countryside. Boasting high walls covered with mesmerizing scenes of the charming, character-filled local landscape, diners can witness Chef Rosario and his team in action in the open kitchen, while the fine, wooden furnishings and sophisticated, yet welcoming, environment provides a truly relaxing dining experience from start to finish.

As one of Italy’s most famous dishes, Villa Toscana and each of its expert chefs are on a mission to help food connoisseurs of Abu Dhabi discover the vast variety of lasagna flavors and tastes that are served across the country. First originating in Naples in the Middle Ages, the original lasagna was made with tomato sauce and later evolved to include sausages, meat balls, hard-boiled eggs, mozzarella and Neapolitan ragu. Today, numerous different varieties of lasagna can be found throughout Italy, with each region adding its own preference for sauce, pasta dough and ingredients.

The Package

Guests are invited to try the full ‘A Taste of Lasagna’ menu, including five different types of lasagna, for AED 195 per person from May 9 to 29. 

The Contact

For table reservations, please email or call +971 2 694 4553.

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