Erth reveals its state-of-the-art central production unit for delivering excellence at scale

Equipped with a capacity to produce up to 100,000 meals a day, Erth Catering is set to deliver large-scale production in the region.

Erth, Abu Dhabi’s unique landmark destination for warm Emirati hospitality, cuisine and recreation, today officially inaugurated its state-of-the-art Central Production Unit (CPU), creating a new benchmark for the region’s catering industry.

Building on a 25-year legacy in catering and setting new standards in culinary excellence by providing exceptional food services, this 9,000 sqm, self-contained kitchen represents the pinnacle of professional modern cooking science. Created to operate at peak functional capacity whilst increasing efficiency by up to 50%, the team of culinary professionals can effectively source, prepare and cook up to 100,000 multi-cultural meals a day in this one of a kind facility. Under the Erth Catering brand, the CPU is designed to deliver mass-scale food production, high-end banqueting experiences and serve as the commissary kitchen for the resort.

With a highly qualified and diverse team of 150 chefs from over 25 countries, Erth Catering exemplifies a philosophy of accessing the best in class professional knowledge in the industry by attracting international talent whilst delivering on traditional Emirati hospitality.

Clients will benefit in real-time from the proprietary ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that standardises processes, automates menu engineering, and enables access to a vast database of over 17,000 recipes including nutritional values. In addition, the organisation’s close ties to local producers and distributors provides access to the freshest produce.

Mastering both ‘Cook & Hold’ and ‘Cook & Chill’ methods, the trained culinary team can effectively and consistently meet the evolving needs of customers through direct supply chain processes and logistical networks via a large delivery fleet equipped with ‘Temp Track’ wireless monitoring and GPS tracking systems that allow access to locations nationwide from its logistic hub.

Sustainability is key to operations; the latest power-saving technology is installed, resulting in 50% reduction in carbon footprint through a 28% drop in utilities due to overall facility-wide efficiencies. The amount of leftovers produced by the CPU is also subject to strict environmental targets, with 80% of daily residue recycled along with 100% vacuum compostable waste. QHSE (Quality, Hygiene, Safety and Environment) is an integral part of Erth’s strategy, paving the way to excellence. ISO and HACCP certifications ensure consistency and continuity of comprehensive food safety and delivery management.

Featuring a modern kitchen academy and an innovation lab for aspiring young chefs to master techniques whilst learning about the latest recipes and trends, Erth Catering has cemented itself as a hub for educational best practice in the capital.

“Catering is about understanding the emotions and requirements of our clients and tailoring our offerings to provide bespoke experiences. Whilst we have made considerable progress from our modest beginnings to a well-known establishment, the commitment of our team, the quality and reliability of our services and the spirit of innovation remain a constant endeavour of our development. We collaborate with our customers to bring them profound hospitality experiences rooted in taste and trust,” said Shaikha Al Kaabi, CEO, Erth Abu Dhabi.

Erth Catering’s Facility Director, Alain Verhoeven, added: “The inauguration of the CPU is a significant boost to the food services sector here in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE. Erth Catering provides patrons with unrivalled levels of service together with food products and facilities of exceptional quality.

A hi-tech facility with deep connections to the Abu Dhabi community and beyond, Erth Catering will play an integral role in the development of the city and the nation’s culinary tastes and demands while also being at the forefront of the significant food trends.”

Erth contributes to its CSR commitments by providing meals and other essential food items to charitable organisations, mosques and businesses across the Emirate. Recently, during the Holy month of Ramadan, the kitchen prepared over 15,000 Iftar meals a day that were distributed to worshippers at the nearby Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and other locations daily before sunset.

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