Understanding Bentley’s thought process for interiors and design

Shivaum Punjabi interview multiple people from Bentley and understand what goes into making one of the most luxurious cars on earth.

Winter is here in Dubai, and that means the automotive season is on. What is summer for the rest of the world we call it winter, and it is the perfect time to be out and about, host events and, most importantly, drive.

But before we start driving, we have a ton of events to attend. One is Dubai Design Week, which showcases the best of designs from the world. It covers furniture, architecture, interior design, materiality, and anything else that has to do with design.

At the Design Week, I had the opportunity to interview Brett Boydell, the head of design collaborations at Bentley and one of the big bosses when it comes to the interiors of their cars. Brett took me through understanding what goes into bringing the interiors of Bentleys to life. And how collaborations with relevant people are super important to the brand.

You can buy a Bentley, and then you can buy a Bentley Mulliner. Mulliner stands for the epitome of customisation. Mulliner customers can pretty much imagine what they want on their car, and Bentley will happily oblige and get that done, albeit at a price. The new Flying Spur is luxurious enough already. Still, the newly launched Mulliner Flying Spur offers you a superior form of luxury with multiple details that make it stand out from the “regular” flying spur. Imagine calling a Flying Spur “regular” #firstworldproblems.

I digress, at NoFilterDXB, a four-day event celebrating Dubai’s urban lifestyle and motoring culture; I got an opportunity to speak with Phillip Dean, the Design Director of Mulliner, to inquire about the Mulliner personalisation brand and the unique elements we can expect to see in one. Phillip was kind enough to present me with a new-age Mulliner Flying Spur walkthrough and list the distinguishing factors separating Mulliner Bentley from a standard model

Text and images supplied by Shivaum Punjabi.

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