Al Wathba Cycle Track Lake

Nestled along the back of the Al Wathba Cycle Track is this lovely lake worth a visit.

There are so many interesting places to visit and things to do in and around Abu Dhabi that not many know about and the lake at Al Wathba Cycle Track is one of the better ones.

Set along the back of the cycle track in Al Wahtba this little man made lake has three little islands which over time have become a sanctuary to flocks of birds and all sorts of interesting birds can be spotted here around the year.

This is a man made fresh water lake and is teeming with fish which are the favorite food for the grey geese that live there, here you will even see them catch and eat the fish.

Open 24/7 the lake is open to families only, singles are not permitted to enter, providing an ideal place to spend a weekend afternoon with a nice BBQ and perhaps overnight camping just for fun.

The area around the lake has a few open pergolas that are available on a first come first serve basis providing a shaded place to sit and enjoy the weather.

On weekends the entire area is abuzz with families enjoying a bit of family time, some come well equiped with lights and setup a complete camp for the evening.

Opposite the lake is a strip of nice dunes that are perfect for dune bashing and desert camping if that is your thing, just make sure you go in a group of three cars minimum to be on the safe side.

Outside the lake compound were two food trucks which were sadly closed and there are no other facilities in the compound so make sure you bring your own food and drink.

Bathroom facilities are also lacking, the nearest is a three km drive up the road to an ADNOC convenience store so if you are planning to camp please keep this in mind.

That’s it folks, feel free to go and enjoy this little oasis of tranquility responsibly and make sure you clean up after yourself so the place stays clean and open for others.


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