Aston Martin DB11.

Aston Martin launches the stunning new Aston Martin DB11 in the UAE.

I personally have a soft spot for GT cars. They have this undeniable sublime, subtle sexiness which is just not there in any other type of car.

The big V12 engines which are usually super creamy and smooth propel these huge beasts effortlessly across continents in style, elegance, and comfort. You could go from Paris to Geneva and your dress shirt would not get crumpled.

A person who usually buys a GT car has other cars in their stable. Maybe a luxury sedan, SUV or few sports cars. However, I am sure their go-to car would most probably be the GT car.

Coming to the car on hand. The Aston Martin DB11 Volante. Aston Martin launched the DB 11 in Dubai interestingly with a V8 rather than a V12.

Now there is nothing wrong with a V8. Especially this Mercedes-AMG derived one. Putting out 510 PS from a twin-turbo V8 this engine just sounds beautiful. It is sonorous, deep and fulfilling. It makes you fill up with positivity and joy. Like the world is only filled up with good things and candy. Now this feeling by itself is priceless.

Sitting with Mr. Khalil Iqbal from the Aston Martin service center in Dubai he shares some details about the car with me. Obviously, he has a wealth of knowledge regarding Astons’ since it is his job to keep them up and running.

Since we were discussing the Volante it is all about looks. Earlier having a convertible meant compromising on the performance of the car for the aesthetic value of the car. In present situations that is not the case. Convertibles due to modern technology drive as well as their hardtop siblings and look even better. However, Khalil and I both agreed there are very soft-top cars out there that look equally good with the soft-top up as they do when the soft-top is down. The Aston Martin DB11 Volante looks equally good in any shape and form. It is just a supremely good-looking car.

I fell in love with this car. The blue paint shimmered in the sunlight sitting next to the swimming pool. Usually, everyone likes to get a contrasting interior to the exterior color but this car came in with completely blue interiors and blue soft-top. I mean it is really beautiful. You have to see it in person to know the feeling.

Khalil also told me that everything in the car is new. From the center console to the infotainment while maintaining the original British charm.

Aston Martin believes that most of the owners of the DB-11 will be previous Aston owners. Even though everything about the car is new they designed it a way to maintain a sense of familiarity. The customer just gets in and instinctively starts driving.

A GT is a balance of everything. Superb looks, style, technology, performance, comfort, pedigree. That’s what I love about them and crave for in life that perfect balance.

I would like to thank Al-Barari properties in Dubai for providing me with a superb location in Dubai to photograph the Aston Martin. Al-Barari is an eco-friendly and green initiative residential locality based in Dubai. You can visit their website for more details

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Pictures and text by Shivaum Punjabi.of The Cornea Impression.

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